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Killing Eve review.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge is an English actor, writer, director and creater who also became star of her own show Fleabag which has just come into its second series. This review will be about her amazing work on how she developed the Codename Villanelle, Novella Series into an gripping BBC America Drama ‘Killing Eve’.

MI5 agent Eve Polastri who is portrayed by the amazing American actress Sandra Oh ( Grey’s Anatomy, Tammy , Catfight ) who becomes obsessed with the infamous Villanelle. We will say from watching Sandra in other things she plays intense and emotions very good.

Villanelle a skilled assassin who becomes hooked on Eve which then between the pair becomes a kind of high intense cat and mouse kind of game around different cities the character is portrayed by the amazing Liverpudlian actress Jodie Comer ( Doctor Foster, Thirteen, Rillington Place ) Her character who has many personalities and very skilled in the languages department even though Jodie herself speaks one language JUST shows the abilities Jodie has.

We as massive fans of Sandra, Jodie and Phoebe are excited for the second series and even more so to find out that Phoebe has put the writing of the second series into the VERY talented hands of Emerald Fennell…WHO again we are massive fans of.

Catch up on Season 1 now on BBC IPlayer

Season 1 Trailer

Series two airs on April 7th…AND let me tell you as big fans of the first series WE are excited to find out what adventures Eve and Villanelle will be up to.

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1. Sarah Potts (Amanda Billing)

Shortland Street ( New Zealand)

Amanda portrayed Sarah Potts from 2004 till 2014 when her character died of MS which she contracted and relapsed.

2. Sonya Rebecchi (Eve Morey)

Neighbours (Australia)

Eve portrayed Sonya Rebecchi from 2009 till 2019 when her character died of Ovarian Cancer which eventually spread to different parts of the body.

3. Charlie Buckton (Esther Anderson)

Home and Away (Australia)

Esther portrayed Charlie Buckton from 2008 – 2012 where she was shot by Jake then found by Ruby,Casey and Brax and then came back for a one off episode in 2013 when Brax was shot and Charlie appeared in a vision.

4. Root (Nee Samantha Groves) ( Amy Acker)

Person Of Interest (USA)

Amy portrayed Root (Nee Samatha Groves) from 2012 till 2016 who was shot by a sniper which was intended for Finch, taking the bullet and died later in hospital.

5. Andres Du Plessis ( Deon Stewardson)

Wild At Heart ( UK/South Africa)

Deon portrayed Andres Du Plessis from 2006 till 2012 who suffered from cardiomyopathy which could not be treated and later died in his favourite place.

6. Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt)

Casualty (UK)

Charlotte portrayed Sam Nicholls from 2011 to 2013 when her character left then later returned to the paramedic service of Casualty but later died in 2018 in the explosion.

7. Cass Rickman ( Suzanne Maddock)

The Bill (UK)

Suzanne portrayed Cass Rickman a Liverpudlian copper from 1999-2002 where she met her fate with being held captive with the sun hill serial killer who happened to be the sister of her ex lover.

8. Derek Shepard (Patrick Dempsey)

Greys Anatomy (USA)

Patrick portrayed Derek Shepherd from 2005 till 2015 where his life ended after a car accident where a truck ran in to his jeep and then got sent to another hospital who couldn’t save him.

9. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane)

Greys Anatomy (USA)

Eric portrayed Mark Sloan from 2005-2012 where his character died from extensive injuries which he got from one of Grey’s biggest episodes being the plane crash – but was able to be with his true love in the end.

10. Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton)

The O.C. (USA)

Mischa portrayed Marissa Cooper from 2003 – 2005 where she sets off to the airport with Ryan to leave for Greece but their car gets hit multiple times from Kevin and flips and she dies looking in to Ryan’s arms.

11. Prudence ‘Prue’ Halliwell ( Shannen Doherty)

Charmed (USA)

Shannen portrayed Prudence Halliwell aka Prue from 1998 until 2001 who was later killed off for third time in season three by being thrown through a wall by Shax and wasn’t revived this time around.

12. Joss Carter (Taraji P Henson)

Person Of Interest (USA)

Taraji portrayed Joss Carter from 2011 until 2013 where her character was killed off in a shoot off between Carter and Simmons which resulted in Carter’s fatality.

13. Kate Robinson (Ashleigh Brewer)

Neighbours (Australia)

Ashleigh portrayed Kate from 2009 until 2014 with her character being killed off in a massive storyline involving the love story ending between her and Mark Brennan which all the fans loved. Her storyline ended with Her character eventually being shot after being proposed to by her husband to be.

14. Ringo Brown (Sam Clark)

Neighbours (Australia)

Sam portrayed Ringo from 2007 until 2010 where his character was tragically killed after Carla Bonner’s character Steph Scully hits him with her motorbike after he is walking back to his bike.

15. Lady Sybil Crawley (Jessica Findlay)

Downtown Abbey (UK)

Jessica portrayed Lady Sybil from 2010 until 2012 where her character had many different storylines during her time in just twenty episodes on Downton Abbey but her most notable was her death episode from complications from Pregnancy and Pre-eclampsia.

16. Izzie Redpath (Jill Halfpenny)

Waterloo Road (UK)

Jill portrayed Izzie from 2006 until 2007 where her character had a turbulent but amazing year in the show which seen her character have a lot of growth. Her exit from the show ended with her character being fatally stabbed.

17. Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey)

Home and Away (Australia)

Jessica portrayed Belle from 2006 until 2009 where her character growth was definitely up there with such fierce growth and such a turbulent few years. Her end on Home and Away came when her character was sadly killed off after being diagnosed with Cancer and dying in Aden’s arms.

18. Shaz Wylie (Lindsey Fawcett)

Bad Girls (UK)

Lindsey portrayed Shaz from 2000 until 2002 where her characters happy go lucky but sometimes high on prison life came to an end after a bomb was planted by another inmate and she got trapped and was engulfed by flames and tragically passed away.

19. Tricia Dingle (Sheree Murphy)

Emmerdale (UK)

Sheree portrayed Tricia from 1998 until 2004 where her character was apart of Emmerdale’s biggest family’s. Her character came to an on New Year when a tree struck by lightning made her stumble whilst another bolt of lightning hit the Woolpack window to collapse on her character and her being trapped by rubble eventually dying.

20.Poussey Washington (Samira Wiley)

Orange Is The New Black (USA)

Samira portrayed Poussey from 2013 until 2017 where her character was eventually killed off from Asphyxia after it kicked off in the prison. Poussey became a well loved character of the show and it was such a shame to lose such a iconic character.


1. The Official First Kiss

Season 4 Ep: 23

( Video publisher: Domingo Paolo)

2. Surprise Birthday Party for Castle

(Video publisher: Kate BeckettChannel284)

3.Martha Confronts Castle about his feelings for Beckett.

Season 4 Ep: 19

(Video publisher: TH351GN)

4. Discovering Ryan’s Undercover work

Season 5 Ep: 18

(Video publisher: becklebee9snfk3 Castle Vital Scenes

5. Flowers for Your Grave (FIRST EVER EPISODE)

Season 1 Ep: 1

(Video publisher always4139caskett)

6. Ryan Saves Esposito’s life

Season 8 Ep:7

(Video publisher: becklebee9snfk3 Castle Vital Scenes 7 8)


Season 5 Ep:21

(Video publisher: tvcastlealways)

8. Rick saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

Season 3 Ep: 24

(Video publisher: The Warewolf)


(Video publisher kiminidorf)


Season 8 Ep: 22

(Video publisher becklebee9snfk3 Castle Vital Scenes 7 8)


We list our top 5 reality T.V shows we love to watch!


The first spin of from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta which follows the crazy lives of the Biermann’s daily life. Airing on Bravo TV and which is currently up to its 7th Season you will see the laughs,cries and struggles they face and see how they overcome them.
Tune in every Friday at 9/8c.

2. The Real Housewives Of Beverley Hills

This follows the lives of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards,Lisa Vanderpump,Lisa Rinna,Erika Jayne,Dorit Kemsley,Teddi Jo Mellencamp and Denise Richards who are in the latest 9th season. Filled with lots of fun, business and drama throughout. Tune in on Bravo at Tuesdays at 9/8c.

3. Spencer,Vogue and Baby Too

Another life following reality tv show that follows former Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, Model/TV and Radio Personal Vogue Williams and their child Theodore also not forgetting their dog Winston. Watch the pair go shopping for baby things and even look at schools for baby Teddy and more.

4. The Real Housewives Of Cheshire

The lives of Dawn Ward, Esther Dee, Tanya Bardsley and more are followed round to show us their daily lives that include for some their work, fashion shows, charity events and not forgetting all that drama we love.

5. The Apprentice

A journey for a group of Lord Sugars chosen 12 of entrepreneurs who each week have different tasks to prove themselves that they are able to work under pressure and I’m set times. Each season takes you on a different ride.


Derry Girls will bring laughter to your living room and show you what it was like to live in the 1990’s in Derry and how teenagers had to live their lives when something bad happened. The six part sitcom will have you craicing up.

It follows four Irish school girls and one English school boy who go by the name of Erin Quinn, Clare Devlin, Orla McCool, Michelle Mallon and James Maguire and let us just be honest here James is one of the girls without a doubt.

The series opens with the voice over of Orla reading from Erin’s diary which becomes a re-occurrence throughout episode one and other episodes. As the girls head back to school and Erin wants to showcase her individuality as does Clare. Orla showcases a uniqueness about her character and loves to winds Erin up. Michelle is the hard nut of the group who thinks of the most ridiculous ideas but has the best intentions except for the scene on the bus with the other students. James is just his own person and follows the girls as protection in a sense because he’s English but I really feel he is going to grow and surprise us in the upcoming season.

Each episode will take you on a complete different story yet it all connects in a powerful way. I love how Lisa (McGee) has used the Derry sense of humour around subjects that are also very serious matters and that a story is being told around the catholic and the Protestants and the bombings and IRA.

With stellar casting from Carla Stronge;

Erin Quinn – Saoirse-Monica Jackson

Orla McCool – Louise Harland

Michelle Mallon – Jamie-Lee O’Donnell

Clare Devlin – Nicola Coughlan

James Maguire – Dylan Llewelyn

Da Gerry – Tommy Tiernan

Ma Mary – Tara O’Neil

Aunt Sarah – Kathy Keira Clarke

Grandad Joe – Ian McElhinney

Jenny Joyce – Leah O’Rourke

David Donnelly – Anthony Boyle

And many more

Check out the trailer for season 1 below;

Season 2 is also set to air on March 5th on Channel 4

Trailer below;

Follow Lisa McGee for all updates on the show and casting news


Recently I came across this American thriller drama through watching a previous show with the same actor in.

We are late to the game on this tv show as it originally aired in September 2017 but we loved it that much we had to do our first write up on it and with their second season coming soon we thought it would be the right time to do it.

This TV series is about a female lead called Emily Byrne who worked as a FBI agent who suddenly goes missing and is presumed dead but her presumed widowed husband Nick Durand believed she would be found. Nick is filled with guilt after he stopped looking for Emily. Patrick also remarried and brought up his and Emily’s son Flynn.

In the show you will see a action filled drama with the finding of criminals, reunions and so much more.

ABSENTIA sees without a doubt a very good lineup of actors who have been in various different roles . Here is a bit more information on the cast.

Emily Byrne is portrayed by Stana Katic who you’ve probably seen in such things as Castle, Heroes and more. Looking online I have seen reviews comparing Katic’s role to her ‘Castle’ role which I don’t see how they can compare the two don’t get me wrong her acting in that was great but I think in this role she really outshines all her other work and abilities. I can’t imagine the mind set Katic had to get in to play this role. A very fulfilling role that proves women can play the tough scenes and be portrayed as the girl next door.

Nick Durand is portrayed by Patrick Heusinger who is known for his role in Casual, Girlfriends Guide For Divorce and funnily enough an episode of Castle and much more. In this he shows we see a more emotional and deeper side to Patrick’s acting and it’s fantastic to see a actor portray such a role.

Flynn Durand is portrayed by Patrick McAuley who we see act in such a brilliant way for his age and shows he really has taken this role in such a professional way.

There are many more actors/actresses in this show that will take you by surprise in such a great way.

directed by: Oded Ruskin

Check out the official trailer for Season 1 below;

Season 2 is coming to a screen near you soon, before it does be sure to complete S1 and get caught up!

Season 2 Trailer

For all updates and date reveals follow their social media accounts below